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Kitty will be returning for the spring term. I think YAC keeps her sane!!!!

Meredith will definitely be continuing with YAC – that was never in any doubt!

Luka would very much like to continue. I have to thank you very much for all that you are doing for him. He absolutely loves to come to screen academy, and this is for the first time ever that he loves something so much, which also makes us as parents very happy.

I’d like to say a whopping thank you for all your collective hard work because YAC is central to my girls’ week. They absolutely adore the sessions for many reasons other than just the drama “lesson”.

Thanks so much for all of your and the rest of YACs work on this; Holly will be very excited about it. She continues to love her YAC classes, as ever a highlight of her week!

Let me share the words of Sir Laurence Olivier: “I believe that in a great city, or even in a small city or a village, a great theatre is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture.

Culture… What else could we wish for our children? I KNOW: Maybe a troupe of friends, actors and performers for the stage: villains, cardinals and kings, the doubt of Hamlet, the hopelessness of Lear, three witches and one bear, the summer of our discontent and a winter’s tale. And: the smart Portia, Falstaff riding the last horse of Richard, the play and the drama…The life… all that and even more. Thank you for these months. Thank you for giving so much to my daughter, for showing that happiness is not a place, but always a direction.

- Agustín García

“Joining The Young Actors Company was the single most important step I took as an aspiring young performer. They gave me a push in the right direction and the ability to expand my horizons at an important time in life. Anything I have now and any success I may have in the future, I will always owe to The Young Actors Company.”

- Himesh Patel

Our connection with The Young Actors Company goes back over 12 years – we’ve seen our boys blossom and grow in confidence with each class, workshop and production that they’ve taken part in. They’ve learnt the importance of discipline, being prepared, speaking up and teamwork. They’ve done voice recordings, been on TV, in film and on stage. Most of all they’ve gained a life-long love of acting.

- George & Ann Lynn

My 12 year old daughter LOVES coming to YAC…she attends a studio class and a screen class and said to me that if we ever won the lottery she would like to go to ALL the YAC classes! She finds the classes fun and stimulating and looks forward to them. She likes the opportunity to develop her acting skills with likeminded people and get involved in cool projects, like the recent filming day at Nene Valley Railway. I find YAC staff professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and kind. I would thoroughly recommend YAC to the parent of any young person who is passionate about acting.

- Darcy Simpson

When I started at The Young Actors Company I never even imagined the impact it would have on my future. I went in with a heart full of dreams and came out believing they could actually come true. And they did! The training helped me develop my ability and my passion, and gave me my first step into the industry. Joining YAC was one of the best decisions I ever made!

- Zara Azam