About us

The Young Actors Company has been teaching and training children and Young Actors for over 40 years and we are delighted to be coming to Edgbaston, Birmingham!

We pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of acting training by passionate industry professionals, in a warm and inclusive family atmosphere. We offer fantastic opportunities to create, perform and work professionally. Most importantly, we give young people a safe space to express themselves, build their confidence and have fun.

The company offers:

  • A variety of classes throughout the week focusing on TV and Film, Theatre and Radio
  • Over 25 Theatrical events each year
  • A screen acting course like no other. Giving Young Actors the opportunity to work behind the camera as well as in front
  • A professional Agency representing our Young Actors, providing them with the opportunity to work professionally

Here at The Young Actors Company, not only do we have a serious passion for training young people in Acting and unlocking their true potential, but we also love seeing them grow in confidence, have fun and make friends. We believe that their Acting training will be carried with them through to adult life…no matter what career path they choose.

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of Young Actors. At The Young Actors Company we bring all aspects of the acting industry together in a creative environment led by great teaching and hands on, practical experience, driven by inspiring role models.